Spotlight On

A rotating showcase for topics of interest: current, historical, local, global. At the Library,
find a physical display highlighting materials in the collection that deepen one’s
understanding of and give context to the featured subject.

“Spotlight On” is also home to “Staff Picks,” where patrons will find reading, viewing,
and listening recommendations, and a forum for book clubs and other groups
in the community to share what they’re enjoying.

During difficult times, such as the one we are living through now, it is vitally important to take care of ourselves both physically and emotionally. The Library offers many books and other items in different media formats on health, nutrition, exercise and fitness, meditation and related subjects that can help us achieve resilience in our lives.

Some recent additions to the collection that address emotional health and wellbeing include the following:

Atomic Habits

James Clear

Offers strategies on how to change bad habits into good ones and the positive effect it can have on your health.

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

James Nestor

Examines the history of how humans breathe and how it affects our wellbeing. The book offers suggestions on how to breathe properly and the impact it can have on overall health.

Let's Talk About Hard Things

Anna Sale

Addresses human happiness and how important meaningful connections to others are in achieving it. The book is filled with personal stories and offers encouragement to bring us closer together.

What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey

Focuses on how our earliest experiences in life can create behavior patterns that many struggle to understand. Through personal conversations, the authors offer a significant shift from asking what’s wrong with you to what happened to you.

So you think you know Hastings…well, yes, you probably do – but here at the Library, we may have a few fun things to look into that you may not have known about:

Birds of Hastings

One of a series of books by Fred Hubbard, including plants, wildlife, and some of the recreational areas in town – a great companion for a walking tour of the village!

It Takes a Village: Hastings-on-Hudson Parent Teacher Student Association Community Cookbook

Our copy is reference and can’t leave the Library, but come in and take a look and copy some of the amazing recipes you’ll find – you might also find a photo or two of some familiar people and places.

Conversations on the Hudson

A series of DVDs that spotlight neighbors, past and present, their memories, impressions and their lives in the village.

Hastings Historian

A complete set of our local historical society’s newsletter, filled with photos and stories about all things Hastings. Want to know where the Library was before we moved into our present building? This is the place.

9/11 Hastings: Conversations on the Hudson

Coming soon: A DVD collection of interviews with Hastings residents sharing their experiences during the events of 9/11.

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