Access for Persons with Disabilities

Virtual Access

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Building Access

There are two designated disabled parking spaces in the Village Hall/Library parking lot, with access to Village Hall via a ramp and to the Library via a sidewalk. On Saturdays when the Farmers’ Market is held in the parking lot, the Market allocates three parking spaces for the disabled.

Access to the Library from the sidewalk along Maple Avenue,
where there is also a designated disabled parking space, is as follows:

A sign on the stone pillar to the left of the stairway reads “Accessible Entrance to Library and Village Hall.”  

From there, a ramp leads to the lower entrance to the Library. Press the “Buzzer for Disabled Access to Village Hall and Library” to the right of the door and a Library staff member will escort you to the elevator to the main floor (for books and other materials; events are held on the lower level) .

From the main floor there is also access to the ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps leading to Village Hall.

Anyone with particular questions about access for persons with disabilities to Village Hall, the Library, or any meetings or events in those facilities should contact the Village at (914) 478-3400.