About the Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Hastings Public Library is an organization that supports enhanced Library services and facilities for the benefit of Library patrons. Established in 1958, this registered 501(c)3 nonprofit supports its work by raising money through an annual membership appeal,
used book sales, and other fundraising activities.

The Friends use those funds to underwrite projects, sponsor programs, and purchase materials that maximize the value and contribute to the vitality of this extraordinary village asset. 

If you have any questions or would like to become a Friend, please drop us an email at FriendsHastingsLibrary@gmail.com.


Friends of the Library Board

Sharon DeLevie (President)
Joanna Riesman (Vice President)
Claire Hansen (Secretary)
Judy Kaiser (Co-Treasurer)
Michele Ankuda (Co-Treasurer)

Janine Annett
Carol Barkin
Sherry Bearnot
Kate Bommarito
Lauren Casper
Joyce DeVilbiss
Gail Donovan
Sue Feir
Suzanne Feldman
Maryann Fiebach
Jennifer Gensior

Sunny Harris
Jackie Johnson
Mary Lou Molinari
Barbara Morrow
Martha Polstein
Patty Speranza
Linda Tucker

Debbie Quinn (Library Director)

FAQ (actually, unasked but very good questions) 


Q: Don’t local property taxes pay for the Library?

A: They do, but not for everything. In a small village such as ours, there are expenses the municipal budget doesn’t cover. The Friends take care of the extras, like the Summer Reading Club, Nora’s “Let’s Pretend” program for toddlers, and the ever-popular senior art workshops.


Q: That’s nice. Is it just programming?

A: Actually no, the Friends provide funds for many projects, such as the refurbishment of the Picture Book Room and construction of the deck overlooking the river and Palisades.


Q: Wow, I had no idea. How do they raise all that money?

A: The Friends’ board members, all volunteers, produce a number of crowd-pleasing events including the used book sales, the Holiday Giftique, and the June gala, where residents with Broadway credits have performed.


Q: Are the Friends just about money?

A: Mostly, but we are also about tapping into the wealth of human capital in Hastings — the writers, experts, and innovators who we recruit for our Gamut Lecture Series, begun in 2012 to celebrate the Library’s 100th anniversary, and Local Author talks.


Q: This is so great. How can I help?

A: Thanks for asking. You can become a Friend, too! Just donate $30 here


Q: I’ve heard I can donate through my grocery shopping at Foodtown. How does that work?

A:  With a Foodtown Club Card, you can sign up for eScrip and a percentage of what you spend at Foodtown will automatically turn into money for the Library. You don’t spend a single extra cent.  Any questions, please contact us at FriendsHastingsLibrary@gmail.com